The Petition to Save the Animals Too!

Please support this work Kelvin Cruickshank NZ Medium . The best feather to wear.

Attention Ed Dowd: If you are single, do you want to go out? I think you are cute! MEOW !

The kids are being murdered permanently! This is real! This is real! This is real!

The WE tried to warn the Team KC about the comatose kids coming too, but not allowed to be reached because too the Facebook account that was the second attempt to communicate was whacked by Gemma's need to show off her superiority at all things...See the Further Update June 10, 2020. The WE wants the Team KC to wake-the-f##k-Up and try to find out why the attendant of the shower wasn't them psychic but them showing off themselves as "the better humans", not the psychics that want to show that, but the sellers of the shows "vaccinated only" to suspect that too the article was abusive to them too! And the date that was the first-not communication with the Team about the horrors of the Guillain-Barre Syndrome that is too the way to my work being totally ignored by the Gemma Teams too thinks that Kelvin wants to return to mediumship rather than prostitution-for-dollars.

A Woman of Conscience          A Woman Without Conscience

Covid-19 is a Satanic Psychological Operation!.
And the reality that the unmasked KMA sellouts are there is. And the reality the "elite" want to return to cannibalism to recreate hell is, faceless kids into meat grinders for school lunch! It's real y'all!!!

Please support this work Kelvin Cruickshank NZ Medium . The best feather to wear.

The Time Is

Too Elvis is there. To come...