The WE thinks Anthony Kiedis won't end the Peppers but God will.

Highlel thinks Anthony is to leave the band.

Elvis too left the building.

The WE thinks that Anthony Kiedis
is the man that thought
that berry important worlds exist
outside the Hollywood
is the home to the way
to thinking that watering the grounding
that the only ship sailing
to the Bahamas
is the shipping that ships
to the watering the waters
to the waiting
to the knowing that Highlel too thinks that Waters are.

I want Hillel's father to warn the watering
that waters that water to the watering that
the whole shower turns to the greening too
to the knowing that all children born to the WE
too think that the water that waters to the watering
that Warner Brothers is the devil's wark.

Hillel thinks that concerts that sell
to the public the better off now
that you are to be there Anthony.