The child wasn't home for Christmas that year either. And the children that think working for the FBI there to re-inform too the millionaires that the sunken death that was the 6 year old raped to death repeatedly after too the execution was the necrophilia that is the way to promoting the mentioning, John Ramsey knows the DNA sample is not real. The body of the executed not but the child that stars for the photographs as the baby of the world too thinks that the way to returning to the star of the show, Parabon NanoLabs, was there to return to themselves hired by law-enforcement to return again to the lies are the truth and the payments to John and his son to hide the baby's murder was the way to returning to fucking off for the masses are to learn that nanolabs feature mRNA vaccines as healthy too!

The man called David Sinopoli is not the rapist ever but the man is never going to go free since the shots in the dark that are the ways of the WE to repoint to the Ancestry DNA projects the way to return to allowing law-enforcement to make giant leaps into so-called "ancestry science" shows that the scientific world is nothing but conjecture, funding and endorsement of the ways of the world where the returning to the ways of law-enforcement to hide the cold-cases behind their own actions insists the children born to the DNA is real to the world of the "genetics" determines everything are there to return to themselves the hypocrites that think that lies are to be repeated and repeated and repeated so that the truth is not observable.

The Lancaster County Prison is the host to other innocent "offenders" that are the victims of the DNA matching scams that show that the police too think that the women that are raped are to return to the clothes there to return to the ways of the WE: the man called David Sinopoli is framed so that the officer involved in the botched investigation in 1975 can show off that the suddenly he is there again, the man that froze the records so that the justification for the murder wouldn't be the way to showing off that the men that sell to the returning again to a world where the police enforce their ways of extortion wins the way to brutalize the father figure too called the man that was the "husband" then that took to the payments and then failed to deliver...The woman raped and brutalized and murdered in front of the father figure called her husband was the woman called Lindy Sue Biechler.