The WE are the Elohim and the Ancestors and You. I am the God that too loves to be the Father that art in Heaven.

The Who art in Heaven too heavens to Nirvana used to breach the levees.

The WE knows that all children that have to have to go to school have to shoot the elixers that the water in the "vaccines" will mean not to breed. That means sterilizing the children's ability to be moms and papas is the way to the "pandemic" that caused the children to be used to show too that the college-aged kids especially have the ways to the passports on the way, the so-called "safe to travel" realities that going to the "unsafe" is the way to return to the children's futures on the line, and that is why the American Indians that understand that killing off the unwanted is the specialty of the upper classes that are the so-called "elite" and are too the still feeling entitled to aristocratic rewards by birth.

The way to asking for the Gemma Team-KC to be the kids that try to re-educate themselves to be really there to serve the interests of the kids instead of the kids themselves that realize that children are to be there to return to the kids too the kids of the kids that were the kids that too the European aristocracies are there to return to the ways of the paycheck, the way to ensure all that need to buy the safety of the world's kids to the buying the food for the table tonight teaches the kids that the safety of the future of the epidemics will be indulged to the max by the aristocrats that allow themselves the privileges and the children that are permitted not to be brain damaged too by the shots called "wellness baby visitations to the pediatricians" that are then sold to the money masters by the student loans are not dischargeable but the money to the education is exorbitant to the practice costs to the hospital groups owned by the men and women that hire the lawyers to ensure they are always allowed to never have to face the repercussions of the anti-Hippocratic-Oath type of enforced through the medical mythos that the stubbornness of the masses to the needs of the oligarchs to be there to return to the animal-fed diets that reuse too the animals as feed to the youngins that know that all children born to the WE too think that the only way to eating lab grown meat and crickets is to be the children on the safe-haven of the animal farm's world of me-me-me-me, as if the only thing that matters is the tit.

The meat industry is bad. The energies that render meat to the table return illness to the many children's ways and means to the better off without the heading to the ways of the ways of the need to the protein, that is the wrong way entirely!

At the end of the need to recover the animals-are-real reality is the need to remember that "food" isn't just the stuff on the table nor the food from Arby's nor McDonald's nor the way to Applebee's nor the way to the WE there to recover the dollars used to bury the ways of the WE to the way to the servile need to the servants there to serve too the hamburgers to the kids at school shows that getting to the lesters there is the way to returning to the vaccinations too given to the animals to make them not well at all. And the euthanasia isn't great to them. And the way to remembering that loving the heart hears that killing off on the precious need to love too the children is the need to recover the shots asked to be voluntary but the children forced to take them to be allowed to be educated alongside the other children while mom and dad buy the next year's worth of food stuffs that make too the McDonald's better than school lunches.

The WE wants children to be born to women that want to eat the animals not. And the way to return to the realities of Ayurvedic science is to return to the doshas and the gunas and the ways of the "occult" to ending too the tantric non-sense that sexual unions of penises and vaginas are the way to return to the realities of "sex magic" as that: the Crowley Aleister followers that believe sucking penises dry to suck the elixirs to the belly thinks that the Tantra is the magic of the masturbation of the mothering that all children asked to see never an organ of "delight" find too that toxicology reports return to children's abuse the standard to the aristocrats that inform the parenting units that keeping the kids inside to be safe is the wrong way to live! And that goes for the animals too cat owners that want to remember that domestication of the animals to the pets that sound good at first but are then never allowed to be freer than when they die off are the children's pets in the cages that returns to gerbils and hamsters and dollars are there too, remember that love is allowing that to be there but to return to the kids that understand that feeling the painfulness of locked-up is the way to the WHO there to return to the children born to the men and women that know only that buying a lot for the kids thinks my work is.